Gawah Holdings Takes a Strategic Equity Stake in MASEx to facilitate MASEx’s Global Expansion Plan Into the MENA Region!Gawah控股公司对MASEx进行战略投资,以助力其中东北非区域的拓展计划!

Gawah Holdings Takes a Strategic Equity Stake in MASEx to facilitate MASEx’s Global Expansion Plan Into the MENA Region!



Taipei and Dubai May 19, 2020 — As part of MAS Capital and MAS Capital Universal Exchange’s (MASEx) One Belt One Road initiative to connect China to the United Arab Emirates and other countries in Asia, Gawah Holdings, a conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates, acquired an equity stake in MASEx. Gawah Holdings and MASEx are also forming a joint venture to obtain the applicable licensing once onshore regulation is passed in the UAE and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

台北和迪拜5月19日,2020 – 作为一带一路的一部分MAS Capital(名资)和MAS Capiptal Universal Exchange Inc(MASEx,名资环球交易所)主动连接中国阿拉伯联合酋长国和其他亚洲国家,位于阿联酋的Gawah控股收购了部分MASEx股权。Gawah Holdings和MASEx还将组建一家合资企业,一旦阿联酋和沙特阿拉伯王国(KSA)的在岸法规获得通过,就可获得相关许可。


MASEx plans to tokenize and list prime real estate in the UAE through Digital Security Offerings (DSO) to enable access by Asian and Chinese investors for fractionalized secondary trading. Currently DSO is not allowed in Mainland China, but it is legal in Hong Kong, Taipei, and many other jurisdictions. MASEx prohibits US investors from using its platform for regulatory reasons.



Gawah Holdings, with its flagship subsidiary GCC Royals, has a three-member founding team of shareholders coming from business, banking and sovereign entity related backgrounds. They are led by Muhammad Nawaz Khan Jadoon, who has a long history of real estate development in the UAE and Southeast Asia, along with related conventional financing, and who decided early on to begin investigation into the tokenization space.

Gawah Holdings及其旗舰子公司GCC Royals的三名股东团队拥有由来自商业、银行和主权实体相关背景。他们由穆罕默德·纳瓦兹·汗·贾杜(Muhammad Nawaz Khan Jadoon)领导,他们在阿联酋和东南亚的房地产开发以及相关的传统融资方面有着悠久的历史,他很早就决定开始研究通证化领域。


With that in mind, the team has taken and continues to acquire strategic ownership in various entities related to the blockchain space with the vision to create a full-service, vertically-integrated business from development to alternative capital markets finance.



Gawah Holdings’ team decided to form a strategic UAE joint venture with MASEx in late 2019. Aaron Tsai, Founder and Chief Capitalist of MAS Capital and MASEx, first met Gawah Holdings Chairman Nawaz in 2019 at the 10th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai. He has been invited again by Sir Anthony Ritossa to attend the Word’s No. 1 Family Office Conference on October 5 to 7, 2020 in Riyadh, KSA, which will host representatives from Offices with a combined US$4.5 trillion in resources.

Gawah Holdings的团队决定在2019年底与MASEx组建一家具有战略意义的阿联酋合资企业。2019年,在迪拜举行的第十届全球家族理财室投资峰会上,MAS Capital和MASEx的创始人和首席资本家Aaron Tsai第一次见到了Gawah Holdings的主席Nawaz。2020年10月5日至7日,他将再次受到安东尼·里托萨爵士的邀请,参加在沙特阿拉伯首都利雅得举行的世界第一家族办公室会议,届时将有来自各地的代表出席,代表资产总额达4.5万亿美元。


Mr. Tsai delivered a number of first keynote speeches at the World Blockchain STO Summit in 2019 in Dubai twice, and in Mauritius. He will deliver another first keynote speech in Singapore on June 17 to 18, 2020. Additional keynote speeches were delivered by Mr. Tsai in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, and Bangkok.



Mr. Tsai is spearheading the global STO industry with his first STO keynote speech delivered at the Security Token Summit on April 8, 2019 in Los Angles. The video Age of Tokenization – Decentralization vs. Regulation was played before Mr. Tsai’s speech, along with the global media release, “MASEx Founder Aaron Tsai Calls for Urgent Decentralization and Regulation of STOs.”

蔡先生在2019年4月8日于洛杉矶举行的证券通证峰会上发表了他的主题演讲,他正在引领全球的STO产业。在蔡先生演讲之前,在全球媒体发布会上,播放了《通证化、去中心化时代 vs. 监管》的视频,“MASEx创始人Aaron Tsai呼吁紧急对STOs进行分权和监管。”





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